Top 5 Weekend Treks near Bangalore

Trekking is a great way to stay fit, and the views you get after finishing your trek are incredible. Furthermore, Bangalore is blessed with numerous trekking destinations throughout the city that make for an excellent one-day trek. Along with this, these treks range from easy to moderate to difficult, and you can choose your trek based on your level of fitness. 

The best time to go on these treks is usually from September to March. So, the next time you need a break from your routine, head to one of these one-day trekking destinations near Bangalore for a rejuvenating experience.

Bangalore’s Top 5 Weekend Treks

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Retreat and Hills

Apart from its moderate-level trekking options, this exotic location is recognized for its breathtaking sunset views. After climbing 1200 steps, you can visit the summer home of Tipu Sultan, a famous Indian fighter. Tipu’s Drop, a well-known rock outcropping, is another popular tourist site. Amrita Sarovar’s breathtaking sights are well worth seeing.  Because of its lush environs, Nandi Hills is home to a diverse range of bird species. 

As a result, bird watchers will have a great time seeing avifaunal critters during their visit to this location. Bring your DSLR camera and capture as many birds as you like for your Instagram profile. Birds such as the Malabar whistling thrush, Tawny Bellied Babbler, Blue-Capped Rock Thrush, Puff-Throated Babbler, and Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher can be found in this area.

Savandurga Hill 

Savandurga Hill is home to the world’s largest monoliths.

This lovely region provides trekkers an easy to moderate trekking experience as well as awe-inspiring views thanks to its two main trails, Billigudda and Karigudda. On the way, you can see the mediaeval fort of Kempegowda. One of the main attractions of this location, which is 70 kilometres from Bangalore, is the night hike.

Devarayanadurga – Hike through the deep jungle of Devarayanadurga.

Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy’s cave festival is one of Devarayanadurga’s highlights, attracting a huge number of visitors throughout March and April. This historical temple is at the bottom, and the Yoga Narasimha Temple, another well-known temple, is at the top. On the journey, you’ll come across a cave with god idols. Stunning natural springs, such as Namada Chilume, may be found along the way.

These journeys can be adventurous and entertaining. It’s time to unwind and recuperate at your hotel once you’ve returned to Bangalore. Because the city receives a large number of visitors throughout the year, it has a wide range of hotels to suit every budget and taste. Bangalore’s Vivanta By Taj

Makalidurga is a massive hilltop.

With untamed plants, greenery, and granite hillocks, this is one of the toughest hiking challenges surrounding Bangalore, located 75 kilometres from Bangalore. Makalidurga’s tranquil landscapes and twisty roads provide an unforgettable experience for travellers. This is also a beautiful place to photograph if you are interested in it. The surrounding woodland and Lord Krishna Temple in its foothills can be explored. Many trekkers are drawn to the ruins of forts.

Trekking in the the silk town’ of Ramanagara

Ramanagara is a town in Karnataka, India. Ramanagar, formerly known as Shamserabad during Tipu Sultan’s rule, is famed for its sericulture and contribution to the manufacture of Mysore Silk. Aside from Sericulture, this town is well-known among travellers and adventurers for its 50-kilometre-long stretch of Granite Rocks, which are located at an elevation of 2450 feet above sea level. 

These ancient rocks make it an excellent spot for a quick rock climbing workout. This village, 50 kilometres southwest of Bangalore, is a perfect one-day adventure retreat for folks looking for a break from their daily grind. Ramanagara, around 50 kilometres from Bangalore, is one of the most popular trekking destinations near Bangalore. 

View near bangalore

Everyone appreciates this walk for its great offerings, from amateur to professional hikers. The picturesque splendour of the area, as well as the silk market, entices visitors to visit. The area offers moderate to difficult trekking with attractions such as Kanva fishing, pitch climbing, and the Janapada Loka reservoir.

No doubt, Bangalore is a haven for those who enjoy being outside. You can do so much in and around Bangalore because the weather is always pleasant. There is something for everyone, whether it is a drive to nearby hill stations or a bike ride on the beautiful highways outside of Bangalore. Trekking has become a popular outdoor activity among Bangalore residents. There is no shortage of trekking enthusiasts looking for a relaxing weekend away from the hectic work with so many nearby places for a short trek.

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