Top places to visit in Goa

With the worlds most famous place, Goa in India is the best place to visit if you wanted to go on trip. With the natures beauty that includes the golden sand, palm trees that touching the sky, shacks, and wonderful climate, goa is the best place and must place to visit. Visting the beaches here will give a great pleasure, and these should be must on your it nary when you are on trip to Goa. A one-day visit to these places will be a heavenly feel. 

If you wanted to have a list of places to visit in Goa, that will be a lengthy one and as these lists vary from the list of buzzing beaches till the visiting of church and cathedrals, they will be awesome places to visit. Ranging from the Sunkissed beach, cashew plantations, these places will remain a paradise for all the tour lovers. There are many popular hotels available here in Goa including Alila Diwa Goa, half hotel, heaven goa resort, etc to have a beautiful stay.  Here in this article, we will let you know some of the top best places to visit in Goa.

  • Calangute beach 

This is considered to be one of the top beaches in Goa and the beauty of the beach is much eye catching. You can see lot of tourists and visitors in this place enjoying their sun and the golden sand towards the shore. This is a perfect accommodation for people who wish to stay in the beach view hotel and is best to enjoy the shacks towards the end of the beach. Another best thing to enjoy in this place are the water sports and if you are one who loves to have a water ride, then you can enjoy here as there are many down here. 

  • Butterfly beach

Here you can have a spectacular scenic beauty where the sun meets the sea and one of the popular places in goa. The place keeps the visitors to be eagerly seeing the scenic beauty and the sand here is a lovely view and place to enjoy. The cave near this beach is a wonderful scene that cannot be beaten by the postcard view. Its gives an beauty of the brimming butterflies and flowers blossoming all around during the season. Another best scenic beauty the people show you here is to take you to the middle of the sea to show you the dolphin play which is a must to see scene. You can see many dolphins swim and dive in the middle of the see when you are still in the ferry travelling on the sea. 

  • Spice farm

South India is known for its best spices and the trees grow here from many years. The spices including pepper, cloves, cardamom and other strong odour spices are grown the south India. One such place is in Goa where you can see these spices in the Tanshikar’s spice garden. The rest house is located next to it and you can have a stay in this place if you would like to enjoy the smell of all the spices and trees around you during your stay. To the knowledge, the people in Goa grows seven different types of same spices that includes the nutmeg, cardamom, chilli varieties and so if you wish to see all the varieties of spices together in a single place, then this is the best place to visit. 

  • Basilica de Born Jesus

While most of tourists love to visit Goa to enjoy the beaches, there are many who wish to see the place of Basilica church. This is a kind of religious site that dates back to 16th century, and the great St. Xavier headed this extensive place in India. The church is so popular as it shows the architecture of both modest and ancient civilization and sculptures. The building is so fantastically built with the lime plaster during the 20th century and is the only church that is built without the plaster. 

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  • Dudhsagar falls

Other than the beaches, if you wanted to see the wonderful scene of the waters falling from the mountain, then here is the right place in Goa. The place is also the best for the lovely flow of water that is around 300 feet above the see level. It is the tallest falls that shows the beautiful locations to visit in Goa. The tour people will show you the location to go near to these falls and so you can enjoy viewing and bathing in the same. 

  • Markets to view

The city is something best for all kinds of visits including beaches, scenic beauty, religious tour, falls, and the most everyone likes is for shopping. The Anjuna Market and other places near the beaches are best known for selling all the handmade goods out of shells and beach items. The markets are known best during the Wednesdays and the tourists enjoy the place containing woven items, dream catchers, silver jewellery, toys and other simple and beautiful dresses for women, kids and men. If you name it, you can get them here in this place. 

  • Mahadev temple

Tourists not only enjoy visiting the religious churches, but there are also places for the Hindus to visit like temples. The famous temple is the Mahadev Temple that is built during 12th century. The temple is built to honor lord Shiva and you can have a scenic architecture built inside the temple. The lotus ceiling inside the temple is best known to visit and see during the trip. 

  • Fort aguada

This is a popular place that is build during 17th century by Portuguese. The fort is known for the crumbling places and highlights the lighthouse that is built on it. The sunset view from this place is a scenic beauty for the travellers and currently there are many south Indian movies taken in this spot. 


With the combination of the waterfalls, beaches, shopping centres, religious places and scenic beauty, Goa is must to visit place in South India. With the stretch of almost 2 km each, you can have a beach and enjoy them from North Goa to South Goa and people here have parties and enjoy boozing all around the beaches. 

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