10 Steps towards Writing an Excellent Psychology Essay

Psychology is a difficult subject but it is interesting to study as well. Understanding the gestures, reading the eye expressions, getting the nods, and all that is so amazing. There are four branches of psychology, i.e. Metaphysics, Hermeneutics, Epistemology, and Ethics that show the complex side of the subject but courses like animal behavior and psychology add to its interest among students. So, you are a psychology student, whether by your own choice or due to its scope, you will encounter frequently assigned essays.

Though many employed students as well as beginners of the domain look for online help and prefer to hire a best essay writing service UK standards-based for this purpose, which is completely fine. Still, there are such students too, who take their psychology assignments as a challenge and passionately work on them. So, here is a detailed guide about how to write an excellent psychology assignment in 10 steps. Those students who want to do it on their own should follow the steps highlighted below.

1. Comprehend the Topic

You need to understand the topic first. If there are any confusions you have regarding your psychology essay so how would proceed with your work without resolving them. So, to get a clear meaning, you should discuss the topic with your teacher right after you are assigned the task. Further, you may also discuss it with your tutor and friends to have a better understanding of how you are supposed to deal with your assignment topic.

2. Outline Your Draft

Now, you should prepare an outline of what you are doing to do in your assignment. Include all the important points in your assignment outline so that you will not forget them while writing your draft. Divide your plan into parts and prioritize them to proceed with your work in an organized manner (Tennant, 2020).

3. Do Your Research Well

Most of the psychology assignments require research. So, when you look for the research sources for secondary data collection, you must choose the most credible sources. Random blogs and articles from unauthentic websites are not reliable because they may hold inaccurate data that affects the wroth of your research. You should use scholarly articles and research papers from the indexed journals to collect the secondary data.

4. Critically Evaluate the Findings

Cross-check the accuracy of your findings by comparing them with each other. Also, compare them with your own hypothesis. Critically analyze and evaluate them to support your claims. In this way, you can present your arguments more confidently and evidently.

5. Build Potential Arguments

Note down your potential arguments and write proper statements for them. Your arguments must be short, clear, and compelling that can convince your teacher towards your critical review. You must know the psychology of your professor to come up with a perfect psychology assignment. When you have an idea of what your professor wants to see in your assignment, you can mold your arguments accordingly.

6. Write Your Essay Introduction

The psychology essay introduction must be always interesting as it builds the first impression of your whole study. It makes the reader decide whether to go into the body paragraphs. In the introductory paragraph of your psychology essay, you first need to elaborate on the topic, then add some context, mention the purpose, highlight the main idea and give a strong thesis statement. This is how you compose a good essay introduction.

7. Move towards Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs of a psychology essay hold the main discussion concerning the topic. These paragraphs should be concise, relevant, and coherent. Make short sentences because long sentences usually complex the meaning and affect the readability. The best way to write body paragraphs is to use the PEEL method (Gibbons, 2019) that is used to give a perfect structure to the written communication, i.e. Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link.

In this method, you first write your point of argument or claim which is followed by evidence. Then you explain how your point is valid and the evidence is considerable. At the end of each paragraph, you write a linkage that connects that paragraph to the next one. This is the most effective technique of essay argumentation which never goes in vain rather increases the worth of your psychology essay.

8. Give Strong Conclusion

In your essay conclusion, you should write a synopsis of the main arguments you have addressed. Then, restate the problem statement and elaborate on how your arguments deal with your essay topic. The result of your research findings and their critical evaluation is also an essential part of the conclusion. In the end, you may share your personal opinion or persuade the reader to believe in a particular view.

9. Add References

You must know the significance of references. When you collect data from secondary sources to add to your essay, you must credit its real author otherwise your content would be considered plagiarized. Plagiarism is a crime; whether it is intentional or unintentional, it will lead you to zero scores in your academics. Therefore, you need to add references to the sources you have used in your research. Add all the sources correctly, according to the required referencing style.

10. Edit and Proofread

Editing and proofreading are a must that must not be neglected at any cost. No matter, how well0-researched your essay is and how well you have composed your arguments, still there can be several minor mistakes that can ruin your effort such as errors in structure and formatting, spelling, grammar, context, readability, connectivity, and referencing. Therefore, to remove all these errors, you must edit and proofread your essay after completing the first draft. Your psychology essay must be flawless by all means.

Wrap Up

This is the most comprehensive guide about how you can write an excellent psychology essay step-wise. If it seems difficult to you, still you can ask professionals to write my essay cheap UK standards-based, but if you want to do it yourself, you can take help from the guidelines above.

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