How to Plan a Gokarna Beach Trek – The Entire Route!

If you are looking for a true beach paradise then you can go to the northern part of Karnataka which is Gokarna. Gokarna has beaches with clean water, gentle waves, and amazing views and the number of beaches is five. The five major beaches which you visit are Gokarna Main Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Gokarna becomes the most interesting place due to the lush green hills.

About the Gokarna Beach Trek

You can choose to start your trek from either the Kudle Beachside or Paradise Beachside. Your aim for this trek should be to cover all the beaches of Gokarna on foot. The Gokarna Beach Trek is approximately a ten km long trek cum hike including walking through the beaches. The whole journey would come with a method ferry ride and a method trek. It can easily be wiped out around 5-6 hours although it depends upon what proportion of time you would spend in the least at the beaches, for lunch and photo stops. Gokarna may be a hot place and the sun gets quite harsh during the summer months. You should choose to visit here in between October and February for trekking, which is the best time.

From where you can start your trek

You can choose between the two options.

The first option can be Kudle Beach which will lead you towards Paradise Beach. The advantage that you simply get during this option is that you can spend more of the morning on Kudle Beach and Om Beach which are the foremost fun to swim at. In addition to this, the latter half of the trek after Om Beach is mainly through the forest. However, either way, it’s not that big of a drag. The main disadvantage of this feature is that the last ferry is out there at around 5:30 to 6:00 pm and you need to be conscious of the time to form it back to your stay unless you’re staying on Paradise Beach. Another disadvantage of this feature would be that there are only a few ferries that drop you until Kudle Beach.

Your second option can be Belekan Beach or Paradise Beach for starting your trekking. This option has two main advantages. You are not under any pressure to catch a ferry by the end of the day. If you begin early enough you’ll have ample time to relax at every single beach and have a peaceful lunch also. Another advantage of this feature is that early in the morning (around 10 am), when there haven’t been many ferry rides, chances of spotting Dolphins on the thanks to Paradise Beach are higher. The only disadvantage of this feature is that the frequency of ferries from Kudle to Paradise Beach is a smaller amount and you would possibly need to trek until Kudle Beach to Om Beach just in case the ferry isn’t available.

You can choose any option according to your opinion.

The difficulty level for this Trek

If you are a health-conscious person with a fitness freak then trekking on the Gokarna Beach will be easy for you. It’s not that tough but the sun can make this a little harsh for you. So you have to apply sunscreen to keep yourself hydrated. The major part of the trek involves hiking through the hills and crossing an equivalent to reach the subsequent beach. However, there’s a touch of climbing, crossing of rocks and boulders on the way too.

Reason for doing this trek

You can enjoy Half Moon Beach and Paradise beach. You can Spot Dolphins from a few cliffs near Half Moon Beach if you’re travelling with you. You can go hiking to explore more experiences. If you have more in your pocket then you can enjoy the expensive ferry ride which is the expensive one.

Things which you should carry for Gokarna Beach Trek

It is pretty hot in Gokarna so you do not carry so many things. Packing for this trip will depend on your will like if you want to swim or want to do water sports.

1. Clothes

You should go for clothes which are comfortable for you and which can dry quickly. You can take some t-shirts and shorts with you.

2. Footwear

You can take sandals or trekking shoes with you. The footwear in which you are more comfortable you can go with that.

3. Towel

4. Water

5. Sunglasses

6. Cap

7. Medicines (for emergency)

8. A DSLR camera to capture your beautiful experience.

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