Beginners Guide For Tadiandamol Trek


People who reside near Karnataka state may be familiar with a little trekking paradise called “Tadiandamol trek”. Situated in the Coorg region, the Tadiandamol peak is the highest in the Coorg region. Standing at 1,748 m, the soft slopes and lush turfs egress you with their scenic enchantment and tranquil views. One of the main appeals of this place is the Padi Igguthappa temple. It happens to be the influential deity of the region Kodavas. The god is referred to as the “Giver of Grain.”

Meaning of Tadiandamol

Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Madikeri taluk in the Kodagu area. After Mullayanagiri and Kudremuka, it takes third place in the highest peaks. Located in the western ghats range, the mountain is surrounded by shola forests in the valleys. Nalanda, “meaning 4 villages”, perches at the foot of the hill. It is highly regarded as an important historical mark. Tandiandamol invites tourists for the pleasure of climbing and nature lovers. Although it takes a day to hike forth and back, it has been banned since December 2016. Tadiandamol literally means “Tallest mountain” or “Broad Hill”.

GETTING To tadiandamool trek

If you’re traveling from Kakkabe town, you would have to travel only 8 km to reach Tandiandamol. However, if you’re starting from Madikeri, you can reach 35 km. 

You can always hire a private vehicle to reach Tadiandamol, although you would cover only one-third of the distance, and walk to reach the peak. Expect the climb to be excruciating and long, besides, it is worth seeing that view once you get there.

Bangalorean can cover 260 km traveling here. You could also catch a flight from Kannur international airport, which is 90 km away. If you’re a budget traveler, try public transit in Napoklu, a village 20 km away from the trek. You can hire jeeps from here, to reach Nalaknad palace, where the trek starts.


If you’re wondering where to stay while you’re at the Tadiandamol trek, you can surely reside at the Nalknad palace, which is decent enough to stay for a night. The palace was built by Dodda Vira Rajendra, in 1792. It includes a two-storied structure and is considered safe for tourists.

Staying at the palace in the morning, you can climb the steep path coming from the palace, which will lead straight to the hill. While you are here, make sure to visit Padi Igguthappa, which is a few kilometers away. The temple is regarded as the holiest in the region. While the pure and celestial forests around make it look pristine.

You can also try homestays. The King’s cottage and Palace estate are preferred to stay, which is located at the base of the hill. There is also a luxury resort, The Tamara Coorg, which is near Tadiandamol. You can also explore more homestays and hotels in the Kodagu district.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax, Tadiandamol is perfect for you. It is not just for the naturalists, who like sitting on the quiet hill and taking in the local architecture. On the other hand, for the adventurers, you can try climbing to the hill’s highest points, giving you a day worth remembering.

It is suggested to visit during December to May. For the trekkers out there, it is best to climb during winter. Also, the trek is about 30 km away from Virajpet. Come on down here for a leisure trip with your partner, or just a trip away for your family from the mechanical routine.


We suggest you pack light and take only essential things with you.

  1. Medication, if any
  2. Carry a sturdy backpack, helps if it is waterproof
  3. Clothes enough to two days
  4. Toiletries
  5. Mosquito repellent cream
  6. Carry water bottles with 2 liters capacity
  7. Batteries or power banks, for emergencies
  8. Energy bars, snacks, drinks, for replenishing your sugar on the trek
  9. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  10. Camera for great pictures
  11. Tough and flexible shoes for the climb


Tandiandamol trek is beloved by the trekkers, who visit here just for this. It provides a great club and is revered by south India for the love of trekking. What makes this trek special is that it falls in the Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary of the Bhagamandala range forest. What’s better than experiencing climbing, while you view the vast nature’s natural habitat? This trek includes hiking in the shola forests, crossing silent streams, on a spread of lush green grasslands. The trek covers 7 km one way and is manageable for even first time climbers. Although trekking is not allowed here, trekkers should return by sunset.

That’s all folks! Here is everything a beginner should know about Tadiandamol Trek. Until next time.

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