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John Edward Thomas Moynahan: How does Bridget Moynahan have a Child?

In 2007, Bridget Moynahan and Tom John Edward Thomas Moynahan divorced and split up, but they both shared a lot of time together. The two worked hard to raise their son, John Edward Thomas, and they both did their best. The couple has several photos of their son online with his loving parents. Nevertheless, some media sources have distorted the situation. According to the New York Daily News, Tom was not in the room during his son’s birth.

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan

Tom Brady and Bridget John Edward Thomas Moynahan are still together, but they are no longer living together. The couple had been dating since 2004 and had a child on December 2006. After their split, Bridget announced she was pregnant. Her baby was born on 22 August 2007. The father is 41 years old and has a busy schedule. Although Tom and his wife have split custody of their son, the couple has a great relationship and co-parenting duties.

Tom Brady and Bridget John Edward Thomas Moynahan relationship did not last long, and the couple decided to separate. While Bridget and Tom are now back together, their relationship did not. They had split in the middle of their engagement, and Tom was still in a relationship with Gisele Bundchen. The couple was very close, and in March, they welcomed John Edward Thomas. The two remained friends and have been married since.


Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan are parents to John Edward Thomas Moynahan. The couple married in 2006 and shared joint custody of the child. However, they have a daughter, who is named Josie. Previously, Bridget was married to screenwriter Scott Rosenberg. In 2010, they dated MCG and now share joint custody of the teenager.

The couple married in July 2007 and John Edward Thomas was born on August 22, 2007. They share joint custody of their teenage son. The couple had no children. Their son, Jack, is now 11 years old and has his father’s last name. They are not married, but they have been together since their wedding. They are both American and have two children.

Son of Tom and Bridget Moynahan

Their son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, was born on August 22, 2007. He is the son of Tom and Bridget Moynahan, a model and actress. The couple’s marriage ended in December 2006. It is unclear if they have any children. They are still legally separated. In October 2015, Tom married a business tycoon, but they still did not have a child.

After the split, Bridget Moynahan welcomed her first son, John Edward Thomas. The couple has been married since July 2007. They also share joint custody of the teenager. They are not married yet. Neither have kids. But Tom Brady had a baby girl in January 2011. The couple has two children: a boy and a girl.

Supermodel Gisele

After a brief romance, Tom and Kathryn John Edward Thomas Moynahan split on December 14, 2006. After a breakup in 2006, they reconciled and shared joint custody of their son. In 2008, they separated and were separated again. The supermodel Gisele later accepted the baby. After the separation, they had a son named John.

Thomas Brady and Bridget Moynahan’s son was born on August 22, 2007 and is now eleven years old. Their relationship is very good and both have the same father and mother. They are co-parenting. While Tom is a successful athlete, Bridget is also a working mom. Hence, they have a son together.


In addition to their son, John and Bridget’s relationship has always been rocky. Despite their shady past, their relationship has lasted a decade. But before they split, Bridget and Tom edward moynahan had a baby. They were separated on February 18, 2007. It was not until the following year that they separated.

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