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Jaden Newman: How does Jaden Newman have College Offers?

It’s not surprising that the basketball prodigy is getting college offers. She received her first Division 1 scholarship at the age of nine. After her debut on the basketball court, more school offers followed. As of today, Jaden Newman has received offers from many top universities, including the University of Miami and Duke. Although she is still young, she has the talent and drives to make it big.

Teachers & Coaches

Jaden Newman’s parents are both teachers and coaches at Downey Christian School in California. His father is a history teacher and varsity basketball coach. His mother, who’s Puerto Rican, played point guard at University High School in Orlando. Her father served in the Navy for four years. His mother also worked for the U.S. Postal Service, and the family now lives in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to her impressive academic performance, Jaden’s athletic abilities have also helped her earn college scholarship offers. Her father is a history teacher and basketball head coach. Her mother is a Puerto Rican and played point guard at University High School. She is also a military veteran, and served in the navy for four years before joining the USPS. The family resides in Orlando, Florida.

Daughter of Julian Newman

Aside from her parents, Jaden has an active social life. She is the daughter of Julian Jaden Newman, a popular varsity basketball player. Her father, a renowned history teacher, is also a basketball coach. Her mother, a Puerto Rican, was a point guard at University High School in Orlando. She spent four years in the navy, and has worked as a postal worker. She has more than a dozen college offers, but it’s best to stay away from her social media pages.

In addition to playing basketball, she also plays volleyball for Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida. Her father, Jaden Newman, was a former point guard for Colonial high school. She also served four years in the Navy. She is now a head coach of Downey Christian School. Despite being a talented basketball player, Jaden has not received any Division 1 college offers.

Amateur Basketball Player

In addition to his parents, Jaden is also a very talented amateur basketball player. His mother, who is a Puerto Rican, plays point guard at University High School. Her father has been a basketball coach for four years. His father is a history teacher and a basketball head coach, so it’s hard to imagine a more inspiring role model. Interestingly, Newman has a million followers on Instagram. His Instagram account focuses on his daily workout and diet regimen.

Social Media Influencer

In addition to his basketball skill, Jaden is a social media influencer. Her photos are shared on the Internet and she is active on various social media platforms. Besides basketball, she’s also a photographer and has a large tattoo of her family members on her chest. Her father also plays basketball. Nevertheless, how does Jaden have so many college offers? And how does she manage to be the first female to play the game?

Currently, the teen is a WNBA star with dreams of playing for UConn. His father, Jamie, is a history teacher and a WNBA coach, and he’s a fan of 6’4″ Breanna Stewart. The teen’s parents live in Orlando, Florida. How does Jaden have all these college offers? And how does he know where to apply?

Final Words:

As a high school student, Newman is already a rising star. He has garnered attention by putting up videos on YouTube. His mother also played basketball for her high school, but her father was not interested. Consequently, the youngster is known as “a child prodigy” who’s a “superstar in the making”. The teen’s parents are committed to the game and close to their daughter.

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