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Rinat Akhmetov Sold 100,000 Bracelets From Azovstal’s Last Batch of Pre-War Steel To Raise Money for War Efforts

Rinat Akhmetov, the Ukrainian billionaire businessman who invested $1 billion into the Steel Front initiative assisting Ukrainian armed forces and civilians, commissioned 100,000 steel bracelets as part of his campaign to help his country. 

Made from the last batch of pre-war steel, it’s one decision of many that Akhmetov has made to support the people of Ukraine and bolster morale at a difficult time. The bracelets were designed by the Sova jewelry house and crafted as a symbol of resistance to the Russian forces. 

United24 and Metinvest

The bracelets were sold thanks to the collaboration of United24, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s fundraising platform, and Akhmetov’s mining conglomerate Metinvest Group. This metallurgical organization owns Azovstal, a steel production plant in the port city of Mariupol that was targeted by the Russians. 

There were two series of bracelets totaling 100,000 pieces, all of which have sold out. Delivered by Poshta Nova and facilitated by online retailer Rozetka, the organizations were happy to loop in local businesses for the global effort. Patriots from 44 countries — all of whom wanted to do their part to keep hope alive — purchased these bracelets. 

All profits from the bracelets were used to purchase new military-grade drones for the Ukrainian navy, equipment that will give them an advantage as the war continues. This is the first-ever fleet for this branch, and its impact cannot be underestimated.

Rinat Akhmetov’s Ongoing Efforts 

Akhmetov wasted no time using his ample resources to give Ukraine whatever it needed to fight back. Ukraine’s military needs body armor, helmets, thermal imagers, mobile shelters, vehicles, drones, and steel sheets, and the troops look to companies like Metinvest to provide sturdy supplies when they need them most. In just a few months, they might go through tens of thousands of a single item alone. With every $40 bracelet sold, the world took a stand against Russian powers that would seek to destroy for their own gain. 

Now, Azovstal has come to mean something other than steel. “The word ‘Azovstal’ changed from the plant’s name into a common one, becoming the symbol of courage and spirit of the entire people. We dedicate this project to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the world’s most indomitable people, as well as to every Ukrainian defending his land,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, deputy prime minister and minister of digital transformation of Ukraine. 

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What’s Ahead? 

When the war first broke out, Akhmetov was in the capital city of Kyiv. He had recently been in Mariupol to announce the construction of a free university, open to anyone in the city who wanted to be in the steel industry. He was also planning to add more facilities to a city that he loved. While he was shocked by the brutality of the first strikes, he wasted no time mobilizing his staff so he could get aid to the most battered parts of the country.

It’s been a tricky road for Ukrainians to navigate, particularly as Russians show no signs of backing down. Thankfully, people like Rinat Akhmetov show no signs of giving up either. He made headlines for suing Russia in the European Court of Human Rights for human rights violations, a decision that demonstrates just how far he’s willing to go for justice. As he put it, “I believe that the Russian soldiers will be punished for all the crimes they have committed in Ukraine and in Mariupol. The situation in the city is a horrifying tragedy and disaster that cannot be forgiven.” The bracelets serve as a powerful reminder of everything Ukraine is fighting for, and a promise that Akhmetov is committed to the cause. 

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