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Casie Colson Baker: Who is Casey Baker’s Mom?

Casie Colson Baker is an American celebrity, born in July 2009. She is a middle-school student, but has not revealed her grade or school name. Her father is the rapper Machine Gun Kelly, and she has not been seen with her father in public. She was last seen with her father at the 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards. In addition, the internet has speculated that she is the daughter of another famous star, but her parents have not revealed this information.

Machine Gun Kelly

The mother of Casey Baker is Machine Gun Kelly, an American musician, actor, and rapper. Her father is an actor, singer, and musician who is known for blending hip hop and rock styles. Her mother is Emma Cannon, who is a former model. Cassie and her father have a secret relationship outside the spotlight, and they met before her fame.

Casey Colson Baker’s parents were met at a blink-182 concert in 2008, and dated for a few years until their divorce in 2015. After the birth of Cassie, the parents split up, but they kept in touch with each other. Her father, a former model, changed careers, and now works as a nanny. Interestingly enough, Casie’s father is of Egyptian and Germanic descent, and his mother is Egyptian.

Emma Cannon

Casey Colson Baker’s mother is named Machine Gun Kelly. She is the daughter of rap star Machine Gun Kelly and model Emma Cannon. The two are still unmarried. The mother and son don’t have children of their own. If they are married, Casie Colson’s mother is unlikely to be a single mom. In addition to being a single mom, she has an active social media presence.

Casie Colson Baker is an American celebrity child, born in California, and has two famous parents, Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon. Both of them have been in the entertainment industry for a while, but their relationship is still young. They have been a couple since she was young, and they have a daughter together. The daughter has been in the spotlight several times, but rarely appears with her mother.

Los Angeles

The mother of the young actress is Machine Gun Kelly, who is her father. The two were previously engaged and then separated. Later, she dated a model named Amber Rose. Both her parents are of Germanic descent and are in a relationship with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. After Cassie was born, her father changed his career and moved to Los Angeles. Their daughter was also a member of the same pop star’s social media account.

Although Casie Colson Baker’s parents are not married, their relationship is very close. She met her father at a blink-182 concert in 2008, and they dated for a short time. After the birth of Cassie, her father started a new relationship with a model named Amber Rose. Her parents are of Germanic descent, and her mother is of Egyptian origin.

Daughter of Machine Gun Kelly

The mother of the 12-year-old Casie Colson Baker is Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper appeared in the film “The Dirt” and feuded with Eminem. She is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon, who met at a high school graduation. The father of Casey Baker is not yet known, but her parents’ names are known.

The mother of Casey Baker is Machine Gun Kelly. She shares a daughter named Casey Baker with her ex-girlfriend, Eminem, and her father are both famous. They are not related, but the daughter of Kelly and Cannon is a star, but her parents are in the music industry. He and Cannon met at an Eminem concert and married.


Before stepping into the limelight, she was a pop star before her parents dated. She was only 18 when she gave birth to Casie Colson Baker. While she has been out of the spotlight for a while, her relationship with her father has been strong. She is not only her daughter’s mother, but she also has a son with the same name.

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