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Who is Emma Cannon? All about Casie Colson Baker

If you’re looking for a background check on Casie Colson Baker and her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, look no further. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to find out about the actress’s childhood and upbringing. Find out about her father and mother, how she got into television, and more. After all, they’re all famous.

MGK and Casie Colson Baker

MGK and Casie Colson Bakers share a beautiful relationship and enjoy spending time together. Though the two are celebrities, the relationship between them is not overly publicized. While they do work together on various projects, they do not have any public relations work. But, this relationship will definitely change in the near future! Read on to know more about this relationship between MGK and Casie Colson Baker.

Machine Gun Kelly, an American rapper and media personality, is a great father and is often seen with Casie Colson Baker. His parenting skills have been praised by Pete Davidson, who dedicated a song to the actress and singer. The song, ‘Her Song,’ includes a snippet of her voicemail. Emma Colson Baker is an amazing mother! Whether you like music, movies, or whatever genre, you’ll be able to find it on his site.

Emma Cannon

The mother of Casie Colson Baker is none other than Machine Gun Kelly. Machine Gun Kelly has been praised for being a good father, and he is frequently photographed with his daughter. Cannon is the ex-wife of the legendary rapper, and she is also the mom of Casie. She was introduced to Machine Gun Kelly in 2008, when she was just 18 years old. The couple dated before 2012, but their relationship is not well known.

The couple met during an appearance at a Blink-182 concert. After introducing themselves, the two grew to become casual friends. They also became friends when they were in a tattoo parlor. Machine Gun Kelly is currently involved with Megan Fox. Emma Cannon is one of the most successful actors of our time, with her successful acting career. She is now pursuing a career as a writer and director.

Machine Gun Kelly

The popular American rapper and entrepreneur is not the only celebrity in his life. His ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon, is a businesswoman and an internet personality. Her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly made headlines in the United States, but it’s still unclear whether she is actually the rapper’s girlfriend or his ex-wife. Emma Cannon and Machine Gun Kelly were both dating before the rapper’s rise to fame. They have a daughter together, Casie Colson Baker.

The father-daughter duo recently appeared at the American Music Awards, where they presented their award. Casie Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly’s 12-year-old daughter, called him “cool dad.” The two have been seen hanging out in Los Angeles, where they’re often spotted. While the couple’s relationship is strained, they’ve remained close, with their daughter Casie Colson Baker calling her a “cool dad.”

Their relationship

The details of Emma Cannon and Casie Colson Bakers relationship have been shrouded in mystery. Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon met before becoming famous. They were 18 years old when they began dating and welcomed a child together. Their relationship is amicable, but not publicized. While their relationship is still under wraps, Kelly has been known to give shout outs to Cannon on social media.


The rapper Machine Gun Kelly and the singer’s daughter Casie Colson Baker recently attended the 2021 Music Awards in the United States. The pair were spotted in Los Angeles together. Emma Cannon is the mother of Casie Colson Baker, the rapper’s former girlfriend. The two broke up in 2013, but have remained friends in public. Emma Cannon’s daughter Casie Colson Baker has called her father “cool dad” here.


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