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Tips to Become Friends with your Apartment Neighbors

Many people find that renting an apartment is a better option than renting or owning a house. When you own a house, you’re responsible for all of the upkeep that it needs. Even if you rent a house, your landlord may ask you to take care of the lawn and perform some general maintenance like cleaning the AC air filter. 

As an apartment renter, you might have anywhere from two people to dozens of people living close by. It’s easy to turn those neighbors into new friends when you use the right tips.

Throw a Party

The National Multifamily Housing Council found that more than 44 million people in the United States alone are renters. This means that the odds are good that some of your new neighbors are as lonely as you are and eager to make new friends. An easy way to introduce yourself and get to know them is with a party.

You can put a sign in the lobby that lets them know the date and time of your party or put individual invites into their mailboxes. It’s helpful to have some snacks and drinks, too. Parties are a great way to get to know new people.

Give Gifts

Do you have a few neighbors with pets who like to stop and talk on their walks? Maybe you noticed that some of your neighbors have cats because you see the animals lounging in their windows. Try giving them gifts that are just for their pets like a cute little bandanna for a dog or a small mouse filled with catnip for a cat. 

You can also hand out gifts around the holidays. It doesn’t take a lot of time to bake a few batches of cookies or make some hot chocolate. Those small gifts show your neighbors that you are a good person.

Offer to Help

Many people make friends when they move into new apartments because their neighbors offered some help. You might have a few neighbors who help you carry in boxes or unload heavy furniture. Don’t just wait for others to help you but find ways you can help them. 

If you see a mom struggling to bring in her groceries and her kids, offer to carry the bags for her. You can offer to help someone moving into your complex or look for simple ways to assist a pet owner. The neighbors will learn they can trust you to help and will begin liking you.

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Spend Time Outside

You cannot expect to just sit in your apartment and wait for people to come to you. Look for ways you can get outside and meet new people through the available amenities. Places like Christopher Todd Communities have a swimming pool where you can swim a few laps and relax with a good book. 

Try talking to people about what they’re reading or listening to when you sit next to them. If you’re not a fan of swimming, check out the basketball court for pickup games or the fitness room to make friends with others who love exercising. Many complexes have community centers where you can make some friends, too.

Start a Club

Another way to become friends with your apartment neighbors is through a club that focuses on a shared hobby or interest. Do you love gardening and watching the plants on your patio come to life? Start a gardening club where you can visit nurseries together and talk about your plants. 

If you love video games, launch a club where members can compete against each other as they play some of their favorite games. It’s just as easy to start a club dedicated to board games or movies. Simply hang signs on your apartment door and in the lobby to see if others want to join your new club.

Moving into a new apartment is often a little scarier than you might think. Whether you move across the city or to a new state, you may not know anyone and find that you spend more time by yourself than you would like. Instead of hiding out in your apartment, look for ways to become friends with your neighbors like giving them small gifts and hosting a party.

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