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The Discover gigachad is a viral video site, which has gained a considerable following. The series contains photos of Khalimov, a Russian model, who goes by many names including Sleek’N’Tears and 1969. Unless the photos were Photoshopped, the model is almost certainly Krista Sudmalis’ creation. The videos also feature artur Farad, the boyfriend of Khalimov.

Female Attraction

The Gigachad’s true identity is unknown. Although some debate whether he is real or a prankster, his images have gone viral, causing many to question whether he is really a real person. His face and body are considered ideal for female attraction, but he has no online presence. He refuses to comment on memes, and until recently, he refused to give interviews. Then, he stepped forward two weeks ago, and explained his identity.

Russian Man

GigaChad is a Russian man, better known by his alias “Average Enjoyer”. He is a former menswear model and bodybuilder. Though not well-known outside of the internet, he gained fame in the 1970s through his involvement in the controversial project ‘Sleek’N’Tears’. This video shows Khalimov being as hot as ever.

GigaChad’s identity has been a mystery for quite some time. There are some rumours that he is a fake. It’s impossible to know for sure, but he is tall and has an elongated body. His identity has fueled controversy, with some claiming that he is a bodybuilder who photo-shopped himself into GigaChad. The real GigaChad, however, is not active on social media and has not answered questions about the memes.

Prominent Online Presence

The identity of the “GigaChad” meme-maker has been a mystery for quite some time. There is some debate over whether he is real, and there are rumors that he is a Russian man. He does not have a very prominent online presence and did not comment on his memes. But he did recently open up about the “GigaChad” meme-makers.

Menswear Model

The GigaChad’s memes have been wildly popular, but many people believe that he’s not real. While GigaChad is a real person, it was first created on the 4chan message board. Its creator, Ernest Khalimov, is a Russian bodybuilder and a menswear model. While he may not be the most attractive person in the world, he is very attractive and a perfect male.

GigaChad, aka “The Average Enjoyer” is a man in the Russian Menswear community. His videos are popular and controversial because of their relatable appeal. The creators’ aims to be as authentic and real as possible. The GigaChad’s memes have become an international sensation, and his videos are widely available on YouTube and other social media sites. It’s important to understand that GigaChad is not a celebrity, but he is a real person.

Russian Bodybuilder

The GigaChad is a Russian bodybuilder and menswear model. He’s only known as “The Average Enjoyer” because he has an extremely muscular body and an exceptional jaw. His body is described as a “real-life man” by the audience. While it’s difficult to know who is behind the videos, his emojis are still popular. And they’re even more real than they’re supposed to be.

The identity of the man behind the GigaChad memes has long been a mystery. Some have wondered whether the GigaChad guy is real or not. He’s not very active on the Internet and hasn’t answered any of our questions. Despite his popularity, the man’s real identity is unknown. His cryptic video messages, however, have been viewed over ten million times on the Internet.


The Discover gigachad has made a name for himself as an Instagram star. Its emojis are a cross between a GigaChad avatar and a man’s physical characteristics. His emojis have a “giga” meaning in Russian and English. The GigaChad is a male model and is the face of Sleek’N’Tears, an art project focusing on the iconic male beauty. He has also been featured in several art projects here.

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