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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry-The Future of Fashion Jewelry

A New Understanding of Lab Grown Diamond

The advantages that Lab Grown Diamond have over mined diamonds are obvious, but it important to note that these advantages don’t make them better or worse than diamonds. The only thing that makes something better or worse whether or not it meets your expectations and standards. Lab grown diamonds are becoming more accepted in today’s society because consumers are learning more about their benefits.

But if you don’t want a lab grown diamond for any reason (whether it be ethical, financial, personal), then you shouldn’t buy one. Knowing what to expect from lab grown diamonds critical to making sure they meet your expectations before you buy one. That way, there no surprises when you see your beautiful new piece of jewelry after purchase! Choose Diamond Earring Designs.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry revolutionized the fashion jewelry market because of its lasting brilliance and its unique look that not replicated by natural mined diamonds. These beautiful jewels very durable, scratch-resistant, and display the same sparkle over time as they did when you first purchased them. Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry  also eco-friendly because it eliminates the need to mine precious minerals from the earth which cause irreparable damage to our planet’s natural resources.

The Value Proposition

Lab grown diamonds on everyone’s radar for a few years now. But despite all of that hype, there are still very few shoppers familiar with lab grown diamond jewelry. So before we get into the why, let’s tackle the what. Lab grown diamonds made in one of two ways: using a gas (CVD) or using high pressure, high temperature (HPHT). CVD considered to be cheaper and more mainstream than HPHT. On an even deeper level, these are further subdivided into different categories based on how they were produced: tallows (which use fish oils), and synthetics which use other types of oils.

The Application

Consider lab grown diamonds for your next jewelry purchase. Lab grown diamonds are perfect for today’s socially conscious consumers and making a huge impact on our economy by helping to support local economies in a way that mined diamonds can’t. Like their mined counterpart, lab grown diamonds ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, and without harmful chemical additives or processing waste. Lab grown diamond jewelry still an emerging market but shows high potential for continued growth as we work towards becoming leaders in both social responsibility and sustainable sourcing practices.

The Process

From lab to finished product, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months for a piece of lab grown diamond jewelry made. Once the team receives an order from their client, they begin to set out on a road trip to go get all necessary supplies. Lab diamonds extremely rare and not everyone has access to one; therefore there is the limited infrastructure around them. It up to vendors like MVM Incorporated to make sure that they everything needed on hand at all times.

The Price Point

Lab grown diamonds more expensive than their mined counterparts at first, but they poised to make headway in a market currently dominated by human diamond mining. Which widely criticized for its exploitation of workers. Lab grown diamonds soon enter mass production, leading to a drastic drop in price. As soon as 2022, lab-grown diamonds hit an average price point that affordable for most people and could start becoming fashionable again. Today, it estimated that more than 10 percent of Americans own some type of lab-grown jewelry. Most notably earrings and small pendants. A rise in available inventory thanks to increased manufacturing capabilities could push. Those numbers higher. Choose Lab Grown Diamond Rings.


Lab grown diamonds become increasingly popular as more and more individuals begin to demand a lower impact diamond. Traditionally mined diamonds take around three million years to form, a process that takes an incredible toll on our environment due to deforestation, habitat loss and air pollution. Lab diamonds created in just 3 days using 50% less energy than traditional mining methods. By 2022 over half of all jewelry sold lab grown diamonds proving that we our bling and not destroy nature at the same time. Wearable technology combined with lab grown diamonds one such example already in production from companies like AuraGem but even these products require human intervention to make them useful.

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