How can school teachers teach self-assurance to young students?

We see that they can establish realistic expectations, goals, and accommodations that respond to each child’s unique strengths and needs and help them succeed as well. And we see that they address the issue of fairness up front with their students so there’s no resentment of children who receive modifications as well as accommodations. We see that as a new school year begins, they can discuss the differences among all their students and establish that there will be different expectations for the amount as well as kind of work done by each student. They might say that one of my concerns is that because of different expectations, some of them may begin to feel that they are not being fair. If any of them begin to feel that way, please let me know so we can discuss it as well. We see that this is very important because if students believe that things are not fair in a classroom, it can interfere with learning at the same time. The use of LMS can therefore make the work for the classrooms easy. We see that embracing the individuality of every student, providing accommodations when necessary, as well as explicitly addressing the issue of fairness will help create a learning environment that naturally fosters self-esteem as well as resilience. They will be able to meet each student’s needs without upsetting other students–as well as by educating students about individual differences, they’ll nurture tolerance as well as acceptance in their classroom as well. We see that making a positive difference in the school community is a great way to build students’ self-esteem as well as resilience. We see that when students are encouraged to contribute to the community, it gives them a sense of ownership as well as pride. We know that it’s so tempting to solve students’ problems by telling them what to do–but it’s even better to give them opportunities to solve problems by themselves as well. We see that when students believe they have some degree of control over their lives, that can be a big boost to their self-esteem as well as resilience. We know that they can reinforce their students’ sense of ownership as well as control by providing them with decision-making opportunities, from choosing homework problems to brainstorming solutions to a class problem as well. We know that encouraging students to solve problems on their own doesn’t mean they shouldn’t offer guidance (or intervene in a true crisis) as well. But often, we see that the solutions devised by students themselves are more successful than those handed down by adults at the same time. We know that actively involving students helps them feel in control as well as reinforces their sense of ownership as well as empowerment–important ingredients in resilience and self-esteem at the same time. We know that students do break the established rules, and try activities that help them reflect on their behaviour as well as its effect on others. For instance, an assistant principal of a middle school asked students to write or dictate a brief essay while they were in detention at the same time. We know that they were given a choice of more than 30 topics, including what they would do if they ran the school, what they could do in the future to avoid detention, as well as what dreams they had about their future. We see that many students were able to reflect on their lives as well as behaviours and think about alternative ways of behaving in the future as well. The use of ERP in such a case can be valuable to the teachers and the students too. We see that strong self-advocacy skills lead to greater self-confidence, but we know that there are many students with learning or behavioural challenges who may struggle to develop these skills. We see that strong self-advocacy skills lead to greater self-confidence, but many students with learning as well as behavioural challenges may struggle to develop these skills at the same time. We see that in such a case they can have a teacher or school mental health professional talk individually with a student about his as well as her learning needs to increase awareness of that student’s strengths as well as weaknesses too. 

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