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Gigachad: Who is the Muscular Meme Guy?

GigaChad has been a mystery for a while. Some debate whether he’s even real. GigaChad didn’t have much of an online presence, and he never replied to requests for interviews or comments. That changed two weeks ago, though, when he finally opened up about his “GigaChad” memes. Read on to learn more about the mysterious meme guy and his amazing physique.

Ernest Khalimov

As you might have guessed, the muscular meme guy in Gigachad is none other than Ernest Khalimov. Though his page does not have many videos or photos, fans are still curious to know who the man behind the Gigachad avatar really is. The most likely answer is that Ernest is a Russian bodybuilder who models for Sleek’N’Tears.

Though Khalimov is a renowned fitness model, he is a man with a complex personality. Many people have speculated that he was not real – a rumor spread last year. His chiseled muscles and perfect jawline gave him an uncanny appearance. His height, as well as his body language, makes him the perfect male attraction. In fact, Krista even claimed to be his girlfriend when she took the photos that made him the popular meme.

World of Incel Culture

The GigaChad is a fictional character from the world of incel culture, and was first introduced on 4chan, where he was discussed in boards on involuntary celibacy. It was the GigaChad’s muscular body that first caught the imagination of the public and soon made him a meme. Originally, the GigaChad was a Russian model named Ernest Khalimov, who allegedly used steroids to build his muscular physique. However, his popularity in the incel community grew rapidly, and he has since gained a legion of fans around the world.

The GigaChad was created as a result of internet memes about a Russian fitness freak, Ernest Khalimov. His pictures have gone viral and caused debate over whether he is real or not. He has perfect muscles and jawline, and is tall and athletic. Many people consider him the ideal male attractiveness. In fact, GigaChad’s photo was taken by Krista Dawson, who claimed that Khalimov was photoshopped from her boyfriend, Artur Farad. Although Khalimov isn’t an active social media user, his pictures are largely believed to be from the photographer.

Virgin Vs Chad

In the /r9k/ subreddit on 4chan, the ‘Virgin Vs. Chad’ comparison meme was born. It consists of two guys who are equally muscular and relatable. But which one is the more “cool”? The first is Chad. This meme has spawned a whole community of its own on Reddit, which continues to make new characters.

GigaChad’s real identity was never revealed, and some have speculated whether or not he’s a fabricated figure. GigaChad’s images appear to have been manipulated by Krista Dawson. Other Internet users have pointed out that some of the images look like they were photoshopped from different models. And, he’s not very active on social media, so it’s not clear if he’s real.

Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks is the muscular meme guy, but is he a real person? Gigachads are fictional characters who have a lot in common. They have bulging biceps, full beards, and immaculately groomed websites. They are also extremely active and non-reddamant, making them perfect for gigachaddom.


Despite his prison record, Meeks has risen to fame as a model. Meeks’s modeling debut made him the subject of a viral Twitter Moment. From a former convict to a runway model, Meeks is a man of many identities. In his case, he was once an English criminal. He was stripped and searched for hours in a tiny room, and never received his passport. He was later featured on the cover of a British magazine called Man About Town here.


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