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Choose a Retirement Community Wisely: Key Considerations

People who are retired and living independently may question what factors should be considered while selecting retirement villages that meet all of their needs. The facilities and atmosphere of retirement villages in Canberra are usually more important to these healthy and active seniors than the treatment they get. The Property Council’s 2020 Retirement Census found that the average entrance price for a two-bedroom apartment in Canberra was $463,000. After all, they are not moving to a retirement community to drastically alter their way of life but rather to improve it. Senior housing facilities vary in size and the range of services they provide. When people think of a retirement community, the image often comes to mind is of a community where retirees may live independently, as they would in their homes. Independent living is indistinguishable from what active seniors may have experienced before moving in, with the possible exception of a full-service communal dining area. So, what criteria should one use to choose a retirement home? There are many, but you need to know what it means to be a senior living on your own before making any decisions.


When deciding on a community, dining services are essential, especially if you want gourmet meals delivered regularly or you know there may be times when you don’t want to cook. Do you have a personal chef and wait staff, or do you eat like everyone else in the cafeteria? What if you only need a short bite to eat or a cup of coffee at midday? These are some of the most vital factors to think about while comparing different retirement communities.

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The Bigger Picture

Suppose you’re relocating to the region from out of town. In that case, it’s natural that you have questions about what there is to do, see, and experience in terms of recreation, culture, sightseeing, worship, and entertainment. Instead of functioning in isolation, an assisted living facility should serve as a hub for the surrounding neighbourhood.

Facilities and Services Available on Premises

Here is where the specifics of picking a retirement community come into play: what amenities does the community have that will facilitate your desired way of life? Great communities set themselves apart from average ones by providing amenities like hair salons, libraries, gardens, music rooms, cleaning, workout courses (more on that next), laundry services, and a concierge.

In terms of health and well-being, exercise ranks fourth.

The most excellent retirement communities should provide their residents with a wide variety of opportunities to stay physically and mentally. Classes like yoga, tai chi, and strength training designed for elders help locals maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy living is encouraged by the availability of community amenities like gyms and swimming pools.


The acceptance of pets varies greatly across retirement homes. It may not be a problem if you don’t have any pets, but for seniors who do, the pet policy might be the difference between being able to bring their furry friend with them to their new home and having to find a new home for it or having to give it up.

Assistance When Required

Assisted living communities might be reassuring for some independent seniors who don’t need constant care but would still benefit from social interaction and security. In case they ever need assistance, whether moving heavy furniture, getting groceries, or getting up after a fall, they know there will be assistance available for them. Caregiverlist, an online service that provides information about caregiver certifications and other specialties, can provide more information and services about what you need for your loved ones.


Some considerations for selecting retirement villages in Canberra include the above points. Even if you and your friend have different top priorities, it’s still important to always put your likes and dislikes first. Prioritise the factors that are most important to you when you explore different neighbourhoods.

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