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Allison Stokke: Who is Jason Day’s Wife?

In case you’re wondering, yes. Jason Day’s wife is none other than Allison Stokke. However, you’re not the only person wondering about their relationship. The newest girlfriend of the golfer is also a model. Here is what you need to know about her net worth. She is a model, and has been for quite some time now.

Rickie Fowler’s wife

After a brief courtship, Rickie Fowler proposed to Allison Stokke on the beach in the Bahamas. The couple decided on a destination wedding because they wanted a tropical setting. They met while traveling to the Bahamas, and opted for an elegant ceremony at a resort on the island. Their guests were welcomed with margaritas, and they exchanged vows before the sun set.

Prior to becoming Rickie Fowler’s wife, Allison Stokke had a successful career as a pole vaulter. She was listed among the world’s best athletes in her age group. She broke the high school sophomore record and the American freshman record. She and Fowler are American nationals. Their daughter, Maya, was born in 2005. Both have a devoted social media presence.

Past Couple of Years

Despite the rough patch in the couple’s relationship, Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke have been enjoying each other’s company for the past couple of years. Despite Fowler’s single status after winning the majors, he was spotted with his girlfriend at every event. The couple even announced their engagement on social media, and their wedding day was celebrated in secret in October.

Allison Stokke

The name Jason Day may mean “the good guy”, but Allison Stokke is actually a pole vaulter who shot to fame over ten years ago. In addition to gaining worldwide fame, Stokke has experienced trauma and unwanted attention, but she managed to come out of it stronger. Born in California, Stokke was a pole vaulter at the high school level. However, she was not known for this until she met Fowler.

After graduating from Cal, Stokke competed in the pole vault. She improved her personal best from 3.8 meters to 4.35 meters and won several top-10 finishes, but failed to meet the Olympic trials standard of four meters. She did not qualify for the Olympics, but she was still able to earn a solid living in the sport, and her picture became a viral sensation on the internet. After her Olympic career ended, Stokke took up modelling contracts. Her GoPro videos achieved over 6 million views.

Rickie Fowler’s new girlfriend

Rickie Fowler has a new girlfriend. It’s been a long time since Fowler has been dating someone. The golf pro was single for quite some time, but that changed at the Ryder Cup. Fowler and Stokke are now engaged, and their baby is expected to arrive sometime in 2018.

Allison Stokke was born in California and studied Sociology at University of California, Berkeley. She also continued to pole-vault, but did not make the 2012 United States Olympic team. She eventually became a model for Nike and Athleta, and appeared on the PGA Tour. The couple also reportedly played the par-3 contest at the Masters. In June 2018, Allison and Rickie exchanged wedding rings.

Ryder Cup

The couple first became famous through their viral picture of them during the 2016 Ryder Cup. Since then, they’ve been dating and were engaged. Allison Stokke’s Instagram account has over 600,000 followers, and she posts photos of her and Fowler frequently. The new couple plans to marry in October. The two have been friends since high school, and they have been spotted together several times.

Allison Stokke’s net worth

The amount of Allison Stokke’s net worth is unknown. However, she achieved fame and fortune while still in her teens. The high school gymnast smashed multiple records and broke her legs several times, but she still managed to place among the top athletes. She won the CIF California State Championships as a senior. This has contributed to her impressive net worth. But how did Stokke become a famous sportswoman?


The athletic star has become a fitness model after her breakthrough success in pole vaulting. She has collaborated with brands including Nike, Athleta, and Uniqlo. Additionally, Allison Stokke has created a series of videos for GoPro. In addition to these activities, she also has an extensive social media following. Her net worth is estimated at $15 million. And, she is currently training under a new coach in Arizona here.


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