3 Best Insomnia Medicines

Always remember, that medication for sleeping always should be the last resort in case you are unable to sleep for many days. Even medical experts suggest lifestyle and behavioral changes to treat insomnia. To cure insomnia without medicines, try to do the following:

  • Keep your bed clean and arranged. It will encourage you to go to sleep on time. 
  • Don’t listen to loud music before sleep. 
  • Avoid oily and healthy meals before sleep. Also, eat at least 4 hours before your sleep time.

  • Don’t use a smartphone or laptop in your bed before sleep. Always keep them away from the bed. 

These practices may not show immediate results and take time to improve your sleep quality. Whether you are on medication or not, you should adapt to a healthy lifestyle in order to get a good night’s sleep. 

In case you are struggling to sleep for days and weeks, you should definitely go for professional advice. Usually, they prescribe you sleeping pills that you are supposed to take 3-4 times a week (alternate days). 

I am going to talk about the three best types of medicines for Insomnia. 

Sleep Aids

Sleep aids are the most common insomnia medicines that help people to fall asleep in a short time and stay asleep for longer. These drugs are used across the world to treat insomnia and other sleeping disorders. 

There are 2 types of sleep aids: Benzodiazepines and Non-Benzodiazepines. Non-Benzodiazepines are considered to be a safer option as people are less likely to form a dependency and get addicted to the pills. Also, people who take other medications are safe with non-Benzodiazepines medicines. 

Benzodiazepines are used to treat chronic sleep disorders, causing serious health issues. Etizolam and Diazepam are the most common Benzodiazepine drugs on the market. 

Diazepam is better for people who are waking up a few times during the night and struggling to go back to sleep. 

The main disadvantage of Benzodiazepines is that people are more likely to get addicted to them and withdrawal symptoms are sometimes hard to deal with. 


These medicines contain similar substances as the hormone inside the human body that controls our sleep routine. When our body stops producing enough hormones due to stress, anxiety, etc, we start struggling to maintain our sleep. 

Melatonins can cover up for the hormone deficiency that your body is suffering from. These medicines are a lot safer than Benzodiazepines as humans are unlikely to get addicted to them. Also, the side effects of melatonin are not as severe. 

Rozerem is one of the most popular melatonin-like drugs that can cure insomnia. 

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These drugs create a sedative effect. It slows down your nervous system, controls the stress hormone, and calms your body. Due to the slow movements of nervous signals, you feel extremely calm and thus it’s easier to fall asleep. 

Antidepressants are also used to treat people suffering from severe depression over a long period. These tablets are highly addictive and should not be abused at any cost. Always take your doctor’s advice before you buy zopiclone or or any other sleeping aids  and also before stopping them. If you are taking them for more than 2 weeks, don’t stop them immediately because the withdrawal symptoms may cause dangerous behavioral changes and memory loss. 

Some of the popular antidepressants are:

  • Mirtazapine 
  • Trazodone 
  •  amitriptyline

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