What is a Mica Lens Infrared Thermometer?

Mica Lens infrared thermometers are infrared thermometers that are mostly used in industrial applications and offer some of the most accurate temperature readings known to man. This is because they are made from mineral glass, which allows the reader to more accurately read infrared heat waves.

How Does It Work?

In contrast to other thermometers, Mica lens infrared thermometers allow for temperature readings to be taken from much farther away, as they employ the use of one or two laser beams to guide the direction of the temperature reading. You simply point your Mica lens infrared thermometer at your target and it will take a reading. These are used in extreme industrial temperature readings, as they can take readings of over 1000℃, however the exact temperature range can be found on each individual thermometer.

What Are Some Usages of the Mica Lens Thermometers?

Mica-lens infrared thermometers are most commonly found in industrial settings, though do have applications in the medical field as well – especially given the current state of the world.

The Medical Field

Given that Mica lens thermometers can operate at a distance, they can be used to great advantage in the medical field! Given that you need to maintain at least six feet between you and the person who’s temperature you may be checking, a Mica lens in your infrared thermometer will give you the capability to do this. The laser application of the lenses make getting an accurate reading even easier.

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The Cuisine Field

One less common application of Mica lenses is in the cuisine field. While it may seem like overkill, the accuracy provided by Mica lenses is critical to chef’s who work in a professional setting where making sure that something is cooked absolutely perfectly is the difference between serving a dish and not serving one! The accuracy provided by the Mica lens infrared thermometers is second-to-none.

The Industrial Field

By far the most common application of Mica lenses is in the industrial field, where temperature readings are incredibly important. Whether we’re talking about the temperature of hot water heaters and making sure that the water is being heated properly, or the temperature of fire, for example, when firefighters are assessing a dangerous situation. It’s not just heat – Mica lens thermometers can also pick up cooler temperatures as well.

Scientific Applications

Aside from medicine, Mica thermometers are sometimes used by scientific field teams to accurately temperatures on various scientific projects.

There are a multitude of applications for Mica lens infrared thermometers, and their accuracy and scanning capability from a distance make them worth every penny! One of the only downsides of a Mica thermometer is that they are incredibly expensive, when compared to their counterparts.

But, having said that, if you’re looking for a very accurate infrared thermometer that you can use at a distance, there’s only one choice: and that is the Mica lens infrared thermometer. Whether you’re using it for scientific purposes, in a medical setting, or have an industrial use for it – the accuracy is second-to-none! Make sure you pick up a Mica infrared thermometer for your business today at RS components!

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