What Are The Names Of Necessary Equipment In Cricket?

Are you one of the big fans of cricket? Yes, every Indian is a huge fan of the cricket matches. We love watching and playing both real and fantasy cricket. It is a virtual cricket game that allows players to create their own teams on the app. Cricket fans enjoy cricket fantasy league more than any other game because they can display their cricket knowledge and skills through the game. Cricket is one of those sports that is everyone’s favorite worldwide. Everyone is a die-hard fan of cricket in India, irrespective of their gender and age.

There is nothing we don’t know about cricket because cricket fans have this curiosity to know everything about cricket. We want to know everything about cricket. So, do you know about the equipment required to play cricket? You may know the most common ones but do you understand the exact names and the use of the different equipment in cricket. Following are the names and the uses of the necessary equipment required to play cricket:

Cricket Ball –

Everyone knows that a ball is a major piece of equipment required to play cricket. A red, brown, or white leather ball with a hard surface is required to play cricket matches. For real cricket matches, the circumference of a ball should be 23 centimeters, and the weight should be between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces. 

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Cricket bat

Along with a ball, a bat also has the required equipment for cricket matches. As we all know, bats are made up of wood with a long, round handle to hold them. The bat’s handle is covered with a grip made up of soft rubber material to make it easy for a player to have a bat. The size and shapes of the bats can be different as per the different types of batters; what would they prefer? But the length of a bat cannot be more than 38 inches, and the width should be 4.25 inches. 

Cricket Stumps-

Cricket stumps are used to build or form the wickets. Stumps are groups of three wooden poles or rods. Stumps majorly comes with a waterproof coating so that if there is any change in weather, the cricket matches cannot be distracted in between. 

Cricket Bails –

Cricket bails are small-sized rounded pieces of wood that come along with the stumps. The bails are placed on the top of the wickets to give them support to stand straight. 

Cricket boundary rope-

There are different rules in cricket matches for the sixes, fours, and others. For example, if a batter hits a ball and directly hits the boundary, it will be considered six. So, there is a rope used to mark the cricket boundary. The size of the rope depends on the dimensions of the field. 

Cricket sight screen –

The sight screen is a plain white or black screen placed on the cricket field at the boundary and behind the bowler so that the batsman can spot the red ball easily. The dimensions of the sightscreen should have 7.5m in width and 6.0 m in length. 

These are the required cricket equipment that every cricket fan should know about. In addition, you should know about the names, uses, dimensions, and sizes of the different types of equipment used in cricket matches. 

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