How much is a Human hamster ball?

Human hamster balls are also known as zorbing balls or soccer bubbles and inflatable bumper balls. Human hamster ball can be classified into two kinds, the first one of which is suitable for road surfaces, while the other one will be suitable for water.

Zorbing prices range from $5 for a player to the $100 mark. The cost varies based on where you’re playing and the length of time you wish to play. There are many Zorbing balls available on the market. Are you a bit confused?

After the thrill of rock climbing and bungee jumping, hamster balls are an additional popular and exciting idea. It is a solution for people who love to be active and offers high security. It can be used in a variety of tourist destinations such as water parks, as well as kids’ parks.

Celebrities and Hamster Balls

Inflatable spheres have been gaining popularity over the last few years. There have been numerous appearances by Zorbs in different television programs worldwide. 

In early 2016, Lindsey tried to cross over the Irish Sea in an inflatable globe. Not to be left out, Jimmy Fallon, Collin Farell, and Chris Prat engaged in a hilarious bubble soccer play on The Tonight Show in real-time.

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Hamster Ball Structure

The ball comprises two parts with one ball in another, with an air layer in between. They are joined through a complex network composed of nylon cables. There are often more than 300 threads that connect them. This design protects the rider from harm as it functions as a shock absorber to cushion bumps during the ride.


The typical size of the human hamster ball is about 3 meters (10 feet) across. In one instance, Nissan placed one of their cars into the zorb of their design and then rolled the ball down an incline to create a promotion in the name of security. 

In any case, for the most common balls in the market, the diameter of the inner sphere is typically 2 meters (6 7 inches or ft). The 50cm (20in) between two spheres constitutes an air cushion. The inner and outer spheres are connected through nylon strings. Zorbs are equipped with one or two tunnel entryways.

Frequently ask questions

What is the reason hamster balls are in existence?

While hamster balls are intended to guard the hamsters, there are risks like stairs and other areas that are high enough for hamsters to fall from. They could fall, resulting in the death or injury of a hamster. 

Do hamster balls have to be discarded?

Hamster balls create confusion and stress. As hamsters are prey animals living in rugged environments, their natural response when they are allowed into the open spaces of a large area is to flee and hide. 

What is the reason my hamsters’ balls are that big?

They are symmetrical, do not itch, and don’t change in size. They’re normal and not something to be concerned about. Additionally, the testicles of male hamsters expand in spring; therefore, two significant bumps on the bottom of your hamster’s body are usually not something to be concerned about.

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