Everything You Need to Know About Orton Gillingham Training

The right approach can solve almost any psychological problem, and one such example is dyslexia. For a person with dyslexia, the reading process does NOT come naturally. They do not use the method of sounding out phonemes (decoding) while reading and applying spelling rules while writing (encoding). People with dyslexia generally memorize words and make mental pictures of each word they learn, and this approach is called Orton- Gillingham. It is an explicit, structured, multisensory, sequential, prescriptive, and diagnostic approach for teaching children with dyslexia, and this can be done only by an individual who has obtained professional Orton Gillingham training.

People with such a learning and reading disorder might have several questions about every concept, and training helps you understand how to deal with those questions and help the person learn better. So if you are a parent of a dyslexic child interested in gaining a better insight into this advanced learning approach, opting for such a training program can be beneficial. During the training, the learner is taught to think beyond the classroom environment and break down the curriculum into several sections to make it easier for people with dyslexia to grasp. 

What Is the Principle of Orton Gillingham’s Approach?

Orton Gillingham’s approach primarily focuses on developing children’s comprehension abilities with dyslexia and helps them read at the word level. It involves utilizing multiple senses to enable students to learn, for example, viewing, speaking, and sounding out words while writing. This approach emphasizes understanding the ‘why’ behind the learning process. That means the students are taught why a letter sounds differently in different words. So that once they know consistent patterns and literacy rules, they can decode or sound out the words appropriately.

Orton Gillingham is a very structured approach in which the tutor needs to follow a specific order depending on how students naturally develop their skills. Based on this, students are categorized into small groups and then taught by educators or trained specialists using a highly structured approach that caters to the needs and capabilities of students of the group. As such, a professionally trained individual will be required to assess the student’s learning skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

The tutor must ensure that the students have mastered each skill before moving on to the next. For example, the student may need to work on understanding the connection between different letters and sounds. The next step would be recognizing the sounds of different letters in words as you speak. And if the student cannot grasp it, the tutors will need to try teaching the skill again from the beginning. 

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Is Orton Gillingham’s Approach Best for Your Child?

Until now, no specific teaching method known to humanity can be called an optimal solution for children with dyslexia. Meanwhile, Orton Gillingham’s approach is a unique methodology that works well for helping children with this kind of psychological disorder. Since it is focused on personalized, controlled teaching methodologies, the method has proven to be the most effective solution for kids with dyslexia. This is because dyslexia manifests uniquely within every child; hence the personalized approach of OG proves to be extremely helpful and ensures that children can conquer their disabilities and develop their skills refinedly. 

So if you think the approach can be helpful for your child, opt for an Orton Gillingham training program offered by a reputed institution. This is because, as a parent, you should know the approach used by your child’s schools so that you can assist your child at home. 

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