Don’t Miss These Critical Things Before Hiring Angular Developers

Forbes, Upwork, PayPal,, JetBlue are the popular sites which are built with the Angular framework. In web and mobile app development, Angular has a big space. It gives many advantages to developers and mobile app development companies to exclusively build high-performing and problem-solving web and mobile applications. 

Angular is a famous framework that is used for developing mobile and web apps for different business requirements. Since it was launched in 2010, this technology has helped countless businesses with efficient web and mobile app solutions. 

AngularJs is a powerful development tool that allows developers to build a great application for devices. While we see there are new technologies on the rise in the market like Vue.Js, React.Js, jQuery, Angular has the special capability to deliver the best solution for both web and mobile platforms. 

And if you are going to hire Angular developers for your project, you must be aware of some critical things that matter a lot to save your valuable investment and costs.  Being an Angular Developer, I know what businesses shouldn’t miss if they want to hire the right Angular professionals. 

Read this post to know it. But before that let’s take a quick look at .

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework written in TypeScript. It has been built and maintained by Google. AngularJs is a kind of structural farmwork for developing dynamic web pages. It allows developers to make single-page applications in different programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart. Google had released this framework in 2010. And today, it is available in Angular 13 with a lot of advancements and updates. 

For What Purpose Angular is Used?

Angular is a TypeScipt framework used by developers to create dynamic web pages. In most cases, businesses hire AngularJs Developers when they need to develop

1. Dynamic Web Apps

2. Business-Level Web Apps

3.  Single-Page Apps

4. Progressive Web App 

What Do Angular Developers Do?

Angular developers use this framework to create applications for web platforms. They are JavaSciprt developers and programmers who hold good knowledge of the theoretical concepts of software engineering. They create a season user interface for websites and web apps. An Angular developer is an expert in interactive front-end development for multiple types of apps for various devices. They can also work with different modules and component creation in application development.

What Essential Skills You Should See Before Hiring an Angular Developer?

Angular is a robust technology that has features to build highly advanced and complex-level functionalities. It can also be integrated with other technologies to provide a customized solution. It uses JavaScript programming languages which are comparably difficult to learn. Therefore, when you hire Angular Developer, you should check they must possess the essential skills so they can build the right solution with this technology. Below, I have mentioned.  

Expertise in CLI and JavaScript

Angular CLI is the first Angular development package that is installed with Node Package Manager (NPM). The benefit of using the CLI is that it enhances the existing app by inserting additional components and modules. On the other side, HTML and CSS are used to create UI for pages. So when you look for AngularJS development services, make sure the developers hod good knowledge in CLI and JavaScipt with HTML and CSS. 

Proficient in Testing and Debugging

Best Angular developers should be proficient in testing and debugging. They must have experience or working knowledge of testing and debugging the application to find the potential technical errors or bugs. For this, there are many testing automation tools available in the market like Jasmine, Karma, Mochajs. The developers should know how to use these testing tools to deliver the application efficiently and quickly. 

Hands-On Experience with TypeScript

Angular development uses Typescot. This new object-rotted programming language that gives a better manageable framework for massive web projects. And because TypeScript is based on JavaScript, your Angular developer must possess hands-on experience with TypeScript to derive a good output with Angular.

Knowledge of Choosing the Right Tech Stack

Angular is a front-end technology. You can integrate with other technologies to build a specific or custom solution. Today, when the number of JavaScript-based frameworks is high, it becomes inevitable to avoid these technologies in use with AngularJs. For example, Docker, Electron, Node.JS. Hence, we expect that AngularJs developers should have knowledge of choosing the right tech stack with AngularJs framework. 

So, if I put all these essential skills based on the experience level of AngularJs developers, here they would look like-

Beginner Level AngularJs Developer
  • CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of the Web Services
  • Understanding of Single Page App Creation
  • Components and Modules
Mid-Level Angular Developer
  • Unit tests
  • Building of XHRs
  • Validation of Users
  • Front end developemnt knwolegde
  • Script creation for CIE
Senior Level Angular Developer
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript
  • REST Architecture
  • Handling Sockets
  • Browser APIs
  • Server-side rendering

Top AngularJS development company in USA mostly recommends the following steps for hiring the right developers 

1. Prepare your project requirements

2. Define the job description for the developer as per your goal

3. Prepare a list of questions related to AngularJs development skills 

4. Check their portfolios

5. Verify their resume and previous works

6. Make an agreement

7. Have a system for tracking their progress

Final Words

AngularJs is a robust framework for developing dynamic applications. You can use with other technologies to build a custom web solution. Therefore, before you hire AngularJs developers, you should keep in mind to check the essential things as per your project requirements and business goals. 

While you can go on many freelance websites to find the developers, to ensure your project remains in safe hands and you get long-term reliable assistance, you should hire AngularJs develops from a professional company that has a good reputation in the market. 

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About The Author

Harry Miller is an AngularJs Developer at MobileCoderz-a leading web and mobile app development company that provides custom digital solutions for modern business requirements. He works with different technology experts and software engineers to build business solutions with AngularJs. besides his professional life, he spends his leisure time playing sports and adventurous tours. 

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