5 best tools to make you grow as a blogger

Blogging is the best way to enjoy constant personal and intellectual growth while also earning a good amount constantly. However, just like any other business, you need to manage blogging carefully to enjoy the maximum advantages. In this blog we are going to read about some of the friendliest blogging tools. They will help you manage your blog with higher competency and with fewer efforts:

Thrive Leads

 The targeted audiences may get attracted to our log for once but among them, many don’t generally return the next time. The question is does any solid mechanism or tool exist that works as an anchor to bring those audiences back to your wordpress blog? The answer is yes.


We are talking about Email. Email enables you to initiate direct communication with your targeted audiences and stay in touch with them. For that, you need to design and display email collection forms on your blog.

Thrive Leads is a sophisticated tool that allows you o create visually appealing forms to collect emails. Using simple tools and from the comforts of an intuitive interface, you can create forms with awesome design. You can choose an accentuated elaborate design or go for a minimalist design. Professional visual character, eye-friendly typography, and attractive presentation make these forms STD out and compel visitors to enter their email address

 With this tool it becomes easier for you to capture emails.


 Once you have collected the emails ID of your visitor e next thing is to send them an email, right? Well, not absolutely! You need to send them the email. The compelling email that they just can’t ignore! The email matter is important, no doubt. But it is equally – if not more, important to present it in a visually enhanced format.

Mail chimp is the right option for you. It allows you to create awesome designer mails with beautiful visuals and awesome typography. These mails are neat to read and delight to see. these emails can actively help you build a strong database of subscribers and influence your visitors in a better way.

 Along with visual enhancement features the mail chimp also enables you to easily set up a mechanism to automatically send updates for your freshest blog posts the moment they get live. This way you can remain assured that all your current blog posts directly reach your audiences’ mailbox which multiplies the possibility for visits.

 Equipped with friendly email templates with a drag-drop editing feature Mail chimp offers you extended opportunities to leave a great positive influence on your audiences.


 One of the major issues with most of the bloggers is to manage the workflow efficiently. Many times it becomes difficult to manage some key steps of your workflow. Thus you find yourself stuck at a disadvantageous point. With Trello, this story’s going to change.

It is a highly sophisticated project management tool that offers you a plethora of features. It helps to manage the entire stretch of different blog ideation and publishing tasks. Right from editorial calendar creation to setting due dates and building specific tasks that you wish to execute or monitor.

Moreover, it has a neat mechanism to facilitate seamless coordination between different members of your team. While equipped with so many capabilities Trello doesn’t have a noisy look. It has a near, eye-friendly interface that offers a visual coverts zone for your eyes. All these characteristics make it the best tool for the solo bloggers. It is also good for those with small teams that want to get more done in a better manner and less time.

Google Keyword Planner

While creativity is extremely important for any blogger you just cannot deny or ignore the importance of logical reasoning, algorithms, and solid stats. After all the SOE profile of your blog depends on these solid stats. One such parameter is keyword panning. For that, you can use Google’s Keyword planner.

It offers you accurate data about search volume and popularity of different keywords while also freeing your the details about related keywords. Using a keyword-friendly writing format makes it easier for the search engine bots to discover and index your blog quickly. It also helps you build a good rapport with the online visitors searching for a specific keyword.

By strategically reputing those keywords at different places and using the right density, you can have a better impact on visitors’ psychology compelling them to click the link, thoroughly read your blog, and interacted actively with it.


 Finding the best topics for your blog has never been an easy task. With a plethora of different topics and titles in the same niche, you can easily get confounded. Buzzsumo makes the task less difficult and more direct for you. This platform actively helps you to get the most trending a high potentials blog topics based on your desired keywords.

 There are different ways you can gauge the popularity and reach of different topics. Buzzsumo emphasizes the number of shares and at the top; you can see the most shared topics with their vital stats at a glance. It allows you to have a fairly good idea about the potential of any specific topic. Accordingly, you can start your research around the topics with the highest poetical.


Many bloggers are fully aware of the best trajectory to follow t transform their blog into a success. However, they find themselves struggling with the different website management tasks which require advanced technical knowledge. However, some smart digital tools allow you to manage your blog without any technical complexity. In this post, we talked about such tools. You and check the latest review of such tools and pick the ones that seem the best.

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