A comprehensive guide on purchasing a villa in Goa

It is a fact that the thought of purchasing a property in Goa appears in the mind of every individual at some time or the other. Even though this thought might be okay, it can be challenging to get the job done. It will be imperative to keep in mind that the property bought by you must provide you with the required amenities plus a proper financial deal. At present, many individuals are planning to buy villa in Goa, including the local inhabitants and the NRIs.

Will it be an excellent investment to buy property in Goa?

Unlike North Goa, South Goa happens to be somewhat more affordable and ideal for home seekers. On the other hand, North Goa will provide better resale and rental revenues, and you will get better returns by selling or renting out the property.

If you are searching for a property, here we have mentioned some pointers on why it will be a good idea to purchase a house in Goa right now.

  • Unpolluted environment – Unlike most metropolitan cities, pollution has not yet touched Goa right now.
  • Culture – Even though the existence of Goa dates back to the Mauryan rule, it came into prominence after it was administered by the Portuguese. Portuguese culture has influenced the life of the people in Goa to a great extent.
  • People – It is a fact that people are responsible for making a particular place good or bad. In Goa, the general population is quite inviting and wonderful, and the way of life is peaceful at the same time.
  • Cost of living – Compared to the greater urban areas, the expenses for the basic items in Goa are fewer thanks to the casual way of living right here. However, it will depend on the area where you will buy villas in Mysore or Goa. There are some areas in Goa that are more costly than the others. However, it can be rightly asserted that the internal towns and territories happen to be more inexpensive, unlike the urban areas. 
  • Investment open for different types of ventures – It is a fact that Goa has entered the land advertisement market only recently, and there has been a significant scramble for getting the best properties. You will come across something for everybody in this area, from a bungalow to a 1 BHK flat, and so on.


In the subsequent paragraphs, we have provided a short guide that will help you buy a Goa villa in the best possible way.

  1. The property’s location

It will be a good idea to buy a property in Goa situated in a prime location. It will be highly beneficial to stay close to educational institutions, workplaces, medical care centres, grocery stores, hospitals, and so forth. Make sure to take a good look at the area and talk to the local inhabitants to get access to the emergency areas. Although it might be imperative for you to spend some extra cash for living in those areas, it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Facilities

One more thing to consider will be the amenities provided to you by the villas in Mysore or Goa. It will be a good idea to have a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and some areas for walking on the premises as well. Moreover, take into consideration the proper security systems, elevators, as well as waste management systems. Although these facilities will not be imperative for you, they will make your stay at the place enjoyable in the long run.

  1. Information about the builder

While purchasing the property in Goa, consider the builder’s reputation as well. Try to find out how much experience they have under their belt and whether they have a proper marketing standing above everything else. Please take a look at other projects already done by them in the past and try to get feedback about those projects from their previous clients.

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  1. Legal work

It will be a good idea to engage an attorney to look into the legal aspects of purchasing an apartment in Goa. Make certain that there is no ambiguity about the title deed and the land in the builder’s name or that there is a valid agreement between the landlord and the builder. Make it a point to verify that the number of floors to be constructed has been approved and licensed by the appropriate authority. Following this, an authentic sale deed has to be implemented between the builder and you. Verify whether the Nil encumbrance certificate has been issued or not by the sub-registrar. Ensure that all the documents from the seller’s side are genuine and correct and the encumbrance certificate has been issued by the sub-registrar. The documents required from the end of the buyer happen to be a title deed following its transfer from the name of the seller and the approval of the house plan.

Well, that is all we have for you in this article when it comes to purchasing villas in Mysore or Goa. Make sure to stick to the above-mentioned guidelines, which will help you to find your dream abode in Goa without any problem whatsoever. In case you are finding it difficult to get the job done on your own, then do not hesitate to hire the services of a professional real estate broker.


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