5 Reasons Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouches May Be the Best Choice for Your Food Products

Mylar pouches have become popular across a wide range of consumer industries, but they are especially common in the snack foods and legal cannabis industries because of their unique ability to seal in freshness while presenting the product in an eye-catching way. The key to pulling off that combination of goals comes down to a few underlying reasons why stand up pouch printing is quickly becoming the go-to custom packaging solution for frozen foods, coffee, and snacks alike.

Convenient for Customers

Mylar bags are incredibly easy to navigate for customers, and stand-up pouches are even more so. With easy access via a pull tab and the ability to reseal custom pouches with the right design options, customers can easily save some for later. That makes custom sachet packaging a great choice across all kinds of food products, including snacks, coffee, and even frozen goods. 

Create Brand Loyalty With Design Features

While you can use stand-up pouches for most if not all your brand packaging needs, you do not have to. There are other options like mylar bags for larger volume products, and all of them take print easily. That makes your job simple when communicating your brand because it allows you to unify your presentation across all your products and product sizes.

Preserve Product Freshness

Mylar packaging is so good at sealing in product freshness that it is even used by manufacturers looking to contain scent. In fact, that feature is why it is a top choice for custom printed coffee bags, because sealing in aroma means sealing in the exact moisture levels and other key features that define a particular roast’s signature flavor. The same goes for mylar pouches used for other purposes like fast snacking or frozen foods. You would have a hard time finding another material that performs this well at a comparable price point.

Efficient & Ecologically Friendly

Mylar pouches use relatively little packaging compared to many other options, and they are also easily recyclable. That makes them attractive to customers who look for ecologically friendly companies when they make choices about things like snacking or prepared foods. When you combine these features with the robust protection and quality preservation offered by mylar, it is easy to see why it has become such a popular choice.

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One Solution for All Your Product Packaging

Mylar pouches and bags are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to turn to them for any product in your line at any size you manufacture. You can literally use the same bag and design with a different product presentation for stand up pouches on a shelf or in a freezer display if you choose to do so, and larger bags for high volume product selections can provide you with a familiar look and feel for all your goods.

If you make a range of off-the-shelf snacks and frozen foods, this is an extremely convenient option because it not only consolidates your brand presence, it also consolidates your supply lines, making it easy to keep all the right packaging in stock for any season’s goods.

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