5 Mistakes to Avoid in WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is our go-to application for every user. Out of all the applications that we mostly used; WhatsApp is the one that is used the most as it is one of the convenient communication applications making staying in touch with the customers easily. Apart from all the regular talks on the application, business organizations are taking the opportunity of this application and marketing their businesses. Being a big business organization, taking up all the marketing opportunities is important therefore we recommend everybody to take WhatsApp business in their strategy and make the best use of it.

When business organizations have personal interactions with the customer, things change for them. Customers feel more relaxed and develop a personal connection with the brand. However, a lot of times, things often go out of control and this leads to a bad business reputation. Keeping your reputation at risk only for a few marketing tactics is one big mistake that brands often end up making without realizing the consequences of it. As a brand or business, this can lead to the loss of both existing and potential customers. Recovering from such a thing can be pretty bad for the brand and cost them a lot of time and money.

There is no hard and fast rule to ensure that you are doing your WhatsApp marketing right. However, there are a few things that you MUST avoid if you are looking to develop a brand identity and recognition.

1) Does not Really Listen

Brands do not realize how important it is to listen to the customer’s experiences and feedbacks. They often let go of them and do not give them the due credit that they deserve. The overall user experience is great and sufficiently gets better when brands pay heed to what customers have to say about them. I mean they are telling you to improve for them, what is wrong with that? By not paying any attention to the customer’s problems you are missing out on the basis of the good experiences of the customers. This leads to an extremely bad customer experience and it can eventually put a dent in the brand reputation in the long run. So, when customers have something to say to you or share with you, keep your listening ears up and see how you can incorporate their contributions into your business.

2) Not Respect the Personal Boundaries

You have your customers’ WhatsApp and access to their messenger but that does not mean you would not respect their personal boundaries. One of the gravest mistakes that most brands often make is they forget the timings that they should be sending their messages at. We all are pretty protective of our personal boundaries and do not like it when someone especially brands steps on the line and gets into it. Getting super friendly with the customers and too casual in the conversations is not at all recommended in any condition. It can end up making the customer feel more intimidated. Make sure you are not asking for extremely personal information from your customers, not everybody is comfortable sharing them. As a brand or business, there is a line that you should create between you and your customers. Crossing them can ruin your reputation out in the market.

3) Reacting Negatively

The element of respect should always be there on your side, no matter how the customer s behaving. If you are losing your composure and professionalism, be sure your brand would be at risk. Your brand has a lot to lose and the customer does not have anything as such in their hands. Nobody knows the customer out in the market. But people know you out there, so keeping your cool is important in heated conversations. If you react negatively out with the customers, your brand will be remembered for it. You will be taken as someone who does not welcome negative reviews and has no room for improvement. The key to staying on the customer’s favorite list is to make sure you are not acting defensive or getting yourself in any kind of argument. It’s better to keep your focus on fixing the issue rather than prolonging the issue by getting into the unsolvable discussion.

4) Sending Useless Notifications

Nobody is interested in knowing what you are up to unless you are offering something extraordinary to the customers. If you are sending annoying notifications and messages all day long and daily then you are making a big mistake. You must find the balance and see what messages and notifications are worth sending for. Your daily annoying messages and notifications would just result in them. It’ll not giving you any attention and your customers would miss out on the stuff they do not want to miss out. Be creative with your content and make them more personalized and meaningful. So that your customers enjoy them and do not feel irritated.

5) Censoring

Freedom speech is a good strategy but people often go out of the line and don’t know where to stop with their freedom. This is where you as a brand make a huge mistake. Brands often end up trolling their customers and they eventually lose them. I mean who would want to be associated with the brand that trolls its customers? As much as freedom of speech is appreciated nobody appreciates crossing a line with them. Being a brand you tend to get negative comments and even trolls on your social media pages or WhatsApp. It is your responsibility to behave maturely and do not troll back in response. You cannot stoop to the level so low where you put your brand reputation at risk. Never ever think of blocking them off your mail list unless they cross the line and get too offensive. Then of course you can always block them. It is the responsibility of the brand to make sure you are responding in the right manner and getting back to the customers respectively.

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