Bird drawing tutorial step by step

Bird drawing tutorial step by step. Birds are some of the numerous various animals that you can find in nature. There are huge, powerful Eagles and bouquets with small tricky hummingbirds. There are billions of birdie holders in the world, and they like their favorite feathers friends in photos, sculptures, paintings, and drawings, of course, immortal tilt. If you are a bird lover who enjoys learning to draw a bird, you are lucky with this guide! We have created this simple and gradual guide, how to draw a bird were not easy to prepare beautiful birds in no time!

How to draw a bird – let’s start!

Step 1

For the first step of this guide, how to draw a bird, is the first thing you need is a pencil of light to draw a medium-sized circle. We use a pencil for this step, as it will be a leader for us to keep the shape and prospectus well. If you have problems drawing a perfect circle, tools like a drawing compass can help you draw a perfect circle very easily. If you have your cab, use a pencil pin or darker to draw in a small triangular spout on the left side. Then draw with your guide carefully at the top of the head, as you can see in the reference picture.

Step 2: Draw the beginning of the body.

We move at the beginning of the bird’s body in this next step. For the bird’s chest, you can use three easily curved lines that extend from the bottom of the outlet to form the chest. You can see how this should look for your birdline concerning the useful reference image. As soon as you pull the chest, you can draw on the back of the bird with another curved line.

Step 3 – Next, pull the tail of the bird

For step 3, we pull you in a nice cock for your bird drawing! The tail consists of a combination of straight lines and curves that connect.

For this step, I urgently recommend seeing very close to the photo to see how all lines must look and connect.

Step 4 – Now pull in the legs and beak.

Your bird drawing starts to come together at this point, then add some small legs now and the rest of the snack! Let’s start with the bill first. Just pull a line out of the middle and close it with a curved line to finish it.

Now we work on the addition of the legs. You can draw two closer lines to make a thin leg and repeat this for the other leg. Finally, you can draw in curved toes and the back of the feet with a few smaller lines.

Step 5 – Then, add your eyes and the details of the body.

In step 5 of this guide, how to draw a bird, we add in the eye and some elements of the pen. You can use some small circles for the eye as they appear in the picture. If it does not work, you can also use a solid black point or a circle with a small point in it. Now you can draw details about the pen by combining smaller, corrugated lines and lines. I immerse myself in another step that I will appear to the reference picture much for your first attempt. As long as you follow the guide and slowly take you, I know that you will manage this phase of your birdline perfectly!

Step 6: Add to the details of the wing and tail.

You almost completed your bird drawing at this point! For step number 6, we add the wings and the retail tail trade. For this step, you do not have to follow the reference image exactly and can add these lines in a way that fits you well. These lines should produce a positive appearance of these parts of the bird.

Step 7: Now, move into the last details.

Bird drawing tutorial

You have defined this manual with a mission: Learn to draw a bird. You are to fulfill this mission with these next steps! For this step, add lines to the chest and tail, as you can see in the picture. Finally, you can draw in many small lines in the legs of the bird for a striped look.

Step 8 – Complete with some color

With all the complete drawings, you are almost done! However, there is the last step, and it adds beautiful colors! We showed a way to do it in this picture, but you have to leave your creativity burden and use your beautiful favorite colors! You can also integrate beautiful art media such as watercolors for a softer look or acrylic paints for a more dynamic look. We cannot wait to choose what you choose for your beautiful birdline!

Your bird drawing is complete!

Your bird drawing is now completed, and we hope that this guide was how to draw bird, useful and funny for you to use! It may appear an intimidation expansion at the beginning, but if you fall on the steps of this manual, they easily pull around birds in no time. You can even use this guide to add details or features of some of your favorite birds for some variants!

In addition to their choice of colors and medium-sized art, they have plenty of space to adapt their birdline. The only border is your imagination! As soon as your birdline is done and colorful.

We look forward to seeing your beautifully drawn and colorful bird images, and we always like to see your incredible creativity and art skills on the screen.

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