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Benefits of Having Drawers at Your Workplace

A drawer is a piece of office furniture that contains some of the most important files and documents. It is an enclosure usually built to hold A4-size paper in a file folder. The most common types of office drawers include-vertical file cabinets, which have drawers that extend from the short side (around 15 inches or 380 mm) of the cabinet, and lateral file cabinets, which have drawers that extend from the long side (numerous lengths) of the cabinet.

A workplace feels comfortable when everything is well organised and has plenty of available space. Workplaces are architecturally designed to maximise the productivity of the working ones. Commodious premises instil a great sense of orderliness and professionalism. It also helps employees in getting their work done without any problems. Some of the benefits of having drawers in your workplace are:

  • Better use of space: Often, on office tables, you see a pile of papers at the working desk taking up a lot of usable space. No matter how much space is available, optimising the same for a finer experience and eye-soothing work setting is always better. Nobody wants to see a disorganised and untidy desk at their workplace, lowering their motivation levels. A drawer offers a neat and clean appearance.
  • Enhanced security: Most papers in the workplace behold utmost gravity. Therefore, their falling into the wrong hands might cause big chaos. These drawers often come with locks and provide proper security assurance for important files and documents. Fire-proof or water-resistant drawers may come in handy during unfortunate events. The overall durability it provides ensures that the employee can concentrate more on his work rather than worrying about the safekeeping of his documents.
  • Visually appealing office space: If the drawers are chosen according to the colour palette of the room, well-designed, and affixed correctly, the office space looks visually attractive. It keeps the visual senses calm and offers visitors, clients, and managers a better and more welcoming appearance.
  • Increase in efficiency: Often, people don’t find the right documents at the right place at times of urgency. Office drawers usually come with more than one enclosure, which can be utilised to define storage spaces for vital documents. Starting from stationery to every bit of paper can be kept in different drawers. Documents relating to the same assessment are usually held in the same drawer. Therefore, it significantly helps save time and increase workplace efficiency.
  • The durability of cabinets: Workplaces might need to handle various things, from hard goods to delicate instruments with intricate designs. Metal cabinets are durable and specially designed to handle the hustle and bustle of things at the workplace and store them all. 

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Drawer Materials and Their Prices 

These drawers are commonly made of wood, steel, and, very rarely, pure metal. Wooden cabinets cost around $150-$250 in general. They are better in mobility and come with a proper locking system, but they lack durability. They usually have more intricate and artsy designs. Steel cabinets cost a little more: around $200-$300. They look blunter but are heavier, more secure, and more durable. Attachable fixed drawers cost a little less-around $125—an entire table with a good bookcase and several drawers costs around $500. Now, the price varies according to brand, wood quality, steel quality, ready-made or custom-made etc.

Office drawers serve as an organiser and a safety locker that keep all your necessary belongings organised, secured, and in a very convenient place for you to access quickly. Therefore, spending money on them will never feel like a loss.

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